Imayla combines participatory arts and environmental activities within an intercultural context that seek to combine the traditional and the contemporary, and a rural, urban and global perspective.

Arts activities include:

  • Dance and Movement
  • Drama, Performance Poetry and Storytelling
  • Live, Recorded and Digital Music Production
  • Film, Photography & Digital Story making
  • Radio programme making
  • Craft & Design
  • Painting, Drawing, Sculpture
  • Celebratory, Circus and Carnival arts
  • Building & Landscape Design

Environmental activities include:

  • Permaculture activities
  • Recycling arts and crafts
  • Green buildings and Alternative Energy
  • Exploring, Map Reading and Night Walks
  • Bush Craft and Survival Skills
  • Camping and Shelter Building
  • Fire and Camp Fire culture
  • Rural crafts such as hedge laying & coppicing
  • Swimming, mountain biking, horse riding, surfing and other physical outdoor activities