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Welcome to our new Creative Arts & Progression Worker Sara Turrill!

Sara will be focused developing partnerships with arts and environmental organisations in Bristol, to develop opportunities for Imayla's children, young people and families to get involved in! If you are interested in working with us please contact

If you are interested in volunteering with us please contact Sara: 




Harvest (September 2013)

Developing parenting skills and building positive relationships between professionals and beneficiaries


This four-day event was designed to explore the value of bringing together in a residential setting directors, staff, sessional workers, volunteers  and representatives from participant groups and partner agencies to build relationships, train and plan together. This event was attended by 25 participants from mixed cultural backgrounds, aged between 1 and 66. 

During the weekend staff and parents all jointly attended a one day Hand-in Hand parenting course which was complemented by activities for all participants in the natural environment which included foraging, green woodwork, singing, storytelling, cooking, lantern making, nature trails, campfires, feeding animals, fire making, making vegetable instruments, apple picking, juicing and sunflower picking and finishing with a celebration of the Access to nature programme and our summer at Embercombe. 

 The learning included an understanding of progression through the residential experience, that the natural world has a great and transformational impact on behaviour and mental health, that parents can be supported to feel safe enough to give their children and young people freedom and opportunities and new tools for understanding and supporting individual and family conflict and distress.

Storytelling, games and singing - both child and adult led - were a wonderful backdrop to the weekend.

This was an opportunity for participants and staff that had come together through the summer to reflect, enjoy and learn from each other and to build longer term and sustainable relationships and services.
Fiona Castle, Imayla Programme Manager - Harvest (Sep 2013)
I enjoyed spending time with families as a whole; seeing them quickly become relaxed in the environment, sharing responsibilities and supporting each other’s children.
Sylvia Vincent, Event Coordinator - Harvest (Sep 2013)
It was great to see everyone taking brave steps into the dark and the unknown -- we arrived on a dark and windy night – and then to wake in the morning to everyone loving the space and facilities.
Fiona Castle, Imayla Programme Manager - Harvest (Sep 2013)
The deer hunt was great - working together to interest and support the children and practice managing our sound levels.
Fiona Castle, Imayla Programme Manager - Harvest (Sep 2013)
The trip has reminded me of things I used to do as a kid which I could do more of with my own children.
Steve, father - Harvest (Sep 2013)
Every time I go away from the city with children and their families I feel I come away with more knowledge around family dynamics, how new relationships form and more importantly how the environment impacts on how this all happens. This event allowed me to be more aware of my interaction – I gave children space/time to solve for themselves, practiced patience, and learnt to listen more and make suggestions or problem solve less.
Sylvia Vincent, Imayla Event Coordinator - Harvest (Sep 2013)
We all learnt that every family and individual has their own needs, understanding and learning curves.
Tiffany, inner-city youth worker - Harvest (Sep 2013)
I learnt the value of being able to talk about parenting away from people’s own communities where they might feel judged.
Joel, Special Education Consultant and Imayla Director - Harvest (Sep 2013)
Talking about what you find hard to someone can make you feel better.
Taylor, young mother - Harvest (Sep 2013)
It’s been great to share this learning experience in the relaxed way that nature allows. It’s given us more ideas for how to have fun together.
Steve, parent - Harvest (Sep 2013)
I’ve learnt to take things slower with children, to be more calm and understanding.
Taylor, young mother - Harvest (Sep 2013)
I’ve learnt how children can thrive and be independent in new environments - physical and social.
Jude, parent - Harvest (Sep 2013)
I’ve learnt a different way to approach someone at a difficult time.
Taylor, young parent - Harvest (Sep 2013)
The diversity of the group and with both professionals and participant families learning, having fun and experiencing the same thing together, was very apparent and in many ways differences hardly noticeable. Everyone participated towards each other with warmth, trust and humanity.
Fiona Castle, Imayla Programme Manager - Harvest (Sep 2013)
The combination of participants and staff meant individuals who wouldn’t commonly come together to evaluate Imayla’s work practice, and in a sense self, had the opportunity to share personal growth and project development. And this was very valuable for all parties.
Sylvia Vincent, Imayla Event Coordinator - Harvest (Sep 2013)