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We are hiring! We are recruiting for an Outdoors & Creative Arts Family Worker!

Based at St Paul’s Learning Centre, Bristol, this is a 1 year freelance role working up to 2 days ( 15 hours) per week.

Weekly hours can vary to suit the workload. Fees: £13.70 per hour

For more information head over to the News section of the site and download a job pack. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

The team at Imayla :) 



Talking Fire (August 2009) 

2 cities, 4 community groups, 10 cultural backgrounds, 4 days on a farm in Somerset

See Talking Fire Film

This camp at Radford Mill farm brought London’s Kori Arts community group together with Full Circle, Midnimo and Imayla to develop artistic, drumming, media, creative writing and stick-fighting skills enriched by walks through wild flower meadows, dipping in waterfalls, picking your own food and camp fires under the stars.  Discussions amongst the young people were led by a professional facilitator and explored how people felt other people saw them, how they saw themselves and how they would like to be seen.  A mentoring and volunteering strand also gave people experience in site management, event coordination and media & creative evaluation skills.

“The outdoors can seem scary but once you spend an hour or maybe more nature releases your soul, keeps you warm-hearted. You then start to reflect on life and see how can change for the better. Being surrounded by plants, trees, and the rest of nature brings you closer to people.”
Participant, from her poem, Talking Fire (Aug 2009)
“I’ve learnt how to manage in certain situations. I’ve taken orders that I wouldn’t have normally taken at home. Going to bed early, if I was at home I wouldn’t have had it but here I’m a role model so I have to do it really.”
Young Person, Talking Fire (Aug 2009)
“Everything here is just an experience; you’ve got to try everything. The stars at night were really pretty. We’ve never seen a shooting star before in our lives until last night.”
Participant, 19, Talking Fire (Aug 2009)
“In Bristol there’s still tensions when it comes to certain cultures. It could be tricky even at camp, but here’s a neutral ground and we’re more focused on working together as a team because we’re in no man’s land, out of our own little comfort zones.”
Participant, 17, Talking Fire (Aug 2009)
“Because London town holds aches and pain for me, fed up of hiding fear along these busy city streets. But your country air allows me to adore thee, and appreciate this wonderful community. Peace. For years I’ve dreamed, I’ve fought, I’ve screamed for peace.” “Around me see, the beauty that be, nature’s great creation full of intricate simplicity. Next to me, around me, surround me in complexity. Shows me what I want to be. Always the lock to my key.”
From rap poetry from three young African-Caribbean people at Talking Fire (Aug 2009)