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Welcome to our new Creative Arts & Progression Worker Sara Turrill!

Sara will be focused developing partnerships with arts and environmental organisations in Bristol, to develop opportunities for Imayla's children, young people and families to get involved in! If you are interested in working with us please contact

If you are interested in volunteering with us please contact Sara: 




The following project was a response to a request to deliver a gender specific opportunity for young men and women. Both groups expressed the value and enjoyment of spending time in their own gender group and how the experience would have been less valuable in a mixed group. For the write-up on the young women's training, see 'Exposure' Young Women.

'Exposure' Young Men (February 2013)

Supporting 16 to 25 year-old young men to gain a Forest School Level 1 qualification

A 4-day residential held at the Pinkery Outdoor Education Centre in the Exmoor National Park.

On a wild, windy and wet weekend 22 young men braved the conditions to gain a Forest School Level 1 qualification. Many of the participants were priority young people not currently in employment, education or training (NEET’s).

The course, delivered as a partnership between Otterhead Forest School and Imayla, involved developing skills in bush craft and outdoor work, understanding different styles of learning and teaching and beginning to take on leadership roles.

All participants completed the OCN qualification and 80% said they now feel more able to step up, lead or teach other people and were inspired to develop the activities experienced on the course.

A six month follow up is currently underway to establish any longer term changes effected by participation on these training opportunities.

Hear from the young men themselves about how it was the style of delivery that  made this course successful and engaging for young people not in education, employment or training (NEETs)Exposure radio programme

The course teachers are brilliant, very interactive with students and have a great attitude towards alternative teaching.
Participant, 'Exposure' - Young Men (Feb 2013)
I feel more at peace in a rural environment so can learn more easily.
Participant, 'Exposure' - Young Men (Feb 2013)
Being out of your comfort zone gives you time to reflect.
Participant, 'Exposure' - Young Men (Feb 2013)
The course had a lot of flexibility built into it which allowed us to go more deeply into aspects of the course which we liked.
Participant, 'Exposure' - Young Men ((Feb 2013)
It was good being away from my phone, and people I know, I’ve met people here I wouldn’t usually speak to…from now I will, they’re alright…
Participant, 'Exposure' - Young Men (Feb 2013)
Being here where you don’t know the area, none of us have been able to use our mobile phones, we’re all just in the same situation and that has forced us to communicate and we’re all on a common ground now.
Support Worker, 'Exposure' - Young Men (Feb 2013)