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Welcome to our new Creative Arts & Progression Worker Sara Turrill!

Sara will be focused developing partnerships with arts and environmental organisations in Bristol, to develop opportunities for Imayla's children, young people and families to get involved in! If you are interested in working with us please contact

If you are interested in volunteering with us please contact Sara: 




Once in a Blue Moon (September 2012)

The bringing together of two communities and two community radio stations

This weekend brought a group from Barton Hill Settlement and Bristol Community FM to experience the environment and community of Embercombe, to explore community involvement and leadership, to learn bushcraft, green woodwork and team-building skills, to experience healthy cooking and eating, to learn about the special qualities of Dartmoor National Park and build relationships.

50 people in all came to Embercombe with ages ranging from 2 to 62 and cultural backgrounds included Somali, Eastern European, African-Caribbean, mixed heritage and white British.   

10 radio staff interviewed participants throughout the weekend and edited this into a radio programme to be broadcast on 10radio and Bristol Community FM and offered to BBC Somerset.

Listen to the radio programme HERE

(This weekend took place on a full moon and during a month with two full moons hence being called ‘Once in a Blue Moon’.)

I really enjoyed the walk last night even though it was scary in the dark and we were falling all over the place. It really just made you focus on all your senses and being in touch with what is all around you. I think it was great that everyone managed to get round that. And I think it’s great that everyone managed to get up that hill today -- everybody – young, old, small, everybody. I just think it was great that we were all up on that moor together.
Jonquil, Manager Barton Hill Settlement, Once in a Blue Moon (Sep 2012)
I’ve just enjoyed myself out of the city.
Participant, 17, Once in a Blue Moon (Sep 2012)
It’s been interesting to see how a community can open its doors cos to be honest I did feel some kind of concern about loads of people coming from the city. But it works really well and there has been a lot of beauty, beautiful things. Thanks.
Embercombe volunteer, Once in a Blue Moon (Sep 2012)
I’d like to say thank you to everyone. I was really impressed especially with the young people, so well behaved and everything. When I see you on the street I feel that now I can say hello. I was really impressed that we could feel free.
Magda, Polish mother who came with her children, Once in a Blue Moon (Sep 2012)
I like everything here and the way you welcomed us. I’ll never forget. And the showers. The people who work here, they’ve got lovely hearts. I’m saying well done you did a great job. And thank you to all the people who organized us coming here and for giving us the opportunity to see all these different things. I would like to come back. More and more!
Saada, Somali mother who came with her 2 children, Once in a Blue Moon (Sep 2012)
I enjoyed the new experience and the walk that we did today.
Participant, 12, Once in a Blue Moon (Sep 2012)