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Welcome to our new Creative Arts & Progression Worker Sara Turrill!

Sara will be focused developing partnerships with arts and environmental organisations in Bristol, to develop opportunities for Imayla's children, young people and families to get involved in! If you are interested in working with us please contact

If you are interested in volunteering with us please contact Sara: 




Working with Young People - training for young people (July 2011)

A weekend residential training course in supporting groups of young people to 'get out there'

This training took sixteen young people aged 15-23 to the Exmoor Centre in Exmoor National Park for an introductory course in working with young people in the outdoors. The training appealed to people in a range of situations including 15 year olds that struggle with their own behaviour in school and were keen to broaden their horizons and those in their early 20s already motivated to work with young people in the natural environment. They stayed in a bunkhouse a half-mile walk from the road and all said they appreciated the calm of the moors & being able to learn in the peaceful and expansive setting.  As an experiential weekend the group reflected on living with minimum electricity, no hot water, no devices and no signal.  The replacement was open fires, night walks, camp cooking, seeing the stars at night and the sound of the river and owls.  The trainees discussed their responses to being out of their comfort zone and how they might support other young people through their challenges.  They looked at positive behaviour management techniques and understanding their own behaviour.  They experienced how much groups bond when they share such an extraordinary experience.  All wished that the residential could have been longer. 

One of the youth workers on the residential had never camped before and having overcome his fear of insects has since worked with Imayla on a five-day camp. 

“This has given me a lot of ideas, how to deal with young people differently. I have a job at a youth centre, it’s helped me develop my skills. I think bringing people to the countryside is needed because it makes people aware there’s more to life than every day hustle and bustle of the city. Coming to nature and seeing the valleys is ideal. It’s bringing us back to how we should be.”
Participant, 23, Working with Young People training weekend, Exmoor
“Bringing people to the countryside is a chance to disconnect with the outside world and connect with who they’re with – having no mobile phone signal in the countryside means that you have to connect in with new people and concentrate on the task at hand.”
Participant, 17, Working with Young People training weekend, Exmoor
“Making new friends has been the best thing about the trip…It was difficult talking about my feelings in front of other people…I haven’t been doing bushcraft or making fires in my past experience in the countryside….I want to go on to do volunteering in youth camps and residentials.”
Participant, 16, Working with Young People training weekend, Exmoor
“I don’t like spiders so I don’t come to the countryside much so it was good to get out here. I learnt that you can deal with it in the end, it’s not all going to kill you...This weekend has open up a load of opportunities to do more voluntary work, and help people and give back… Coming to the countryside is good for everyone…Hopefully I’ll be able to take younger people on trips and train them up and if any of them has any problems and need to get away for a bit I would be happy to take them.”
Participant, Working with Young People training weekend, Exmoor