Yurt Lush (August 2013)

Supporting and celebrating transition with 9 to 13 year olds

Imayla worked in partnership with Full Circle Youth and Family Project, Betterdays Saturday Play Club, Kumba Project Supplementary School, Malcolm X Supplementary School and Social Services to develop this 4-day transition residential targeted 9 -13 year-olds (Yr5 to Yr8) living in inner-city Bristol. The residential provided the opportunity to develop peer relationships as transitions are made between from childhood years to teenager and from primary to secondary school.

All reported that they had enjoyed the activities in the natural environment which included feeding animals and collecting the eggs, team building activities, environmental sustainability and healthy eating - foraging, digging root vegetables, picking fruits, pizza challenge, survival walk on Dartmoor, safe fire making, wild craft, bike riding and wild swimming in the lake.