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Wildly Different 2019 Programme is now open!

We are excited to announce this year's Wildly Different 2019 Programme is now open for applications. 

Open to children and young people aged 7 - 16 and their families/carers this fantastic experience includes outdoor activities & day trips, weekends away, creative arts and the opportunity to make new friends and explore new spaces.

The Introductory Taster Days are taking place during May Half Term. 

To apply or to refer a child or young person head to the News section of the website to download the application form. 

We look forward to seeing you!

The team at Imayla :) 



Wildly Different - What participants have to say...

Read what others had to say about their time on the Wildly Different Programme...


 First I was scared to come out. I thought there would be plastic and glass on the beach and I didn’t know anyone. My Mum said the adults would be kind and look after us and the beach ok. I’m fine now cos everyone is nice and the beach was fun. I’m ok coming out with you now. (Child)

I liked something I didn’t know I liked, whittling. (Child)

I feel more confident about having a good time in a group.” (Child)

Playing with new and old friends. (Child)

Night photography was fun and everyone can join in. I enjoyed it all because I got to make new friends. (Child)

It’s been great to meet other families and be able to relate to lives challenges when raising children. No one passing judgement. (Carer)

I was able to communicate with the rest of the Mums and feel part of the group, no one judging you. (Parent)

This experience has given me a lot of ideas to build a stronger relationship with my child. (Parent)

I have never had a weekend away since 2003. This experience has opened my mind to the wonderful world out there and give me more courage to keep going. (Parent)

I am overcome with emotions of joy. How awesome this place was to me and my child. (Parent)