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We are hiring! We are recruiting for an Outdoors & Creative Arts Family Worker!

Based at St Paul’s Learning Centre, Bristol, this is a 1 year freelance role working up to 2 days ( 15 hours) per week.

Weekly hours can vary to suit the workload. Fees: £13.70 per hour

For more information head over to the News section of the site and download a job pack. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

The team at Imayla :) 



Hannah Moore Mums Ride Together (2011)

How a day out riding can bring together parents of children attending an inner-city primary school

See Everything is Beautiful, I Think

This project was designed to make stronger an English Language group for mothers of children attending an inner-city primary school, all from different cultural backgrounds.  The mothers are encouraged to improve their English in order to better support their children’s education.  This day trip away horse-riding was a dream they had all had for years and allowed them to not only have fun and get to know each other better and therefore feel motivated to learn together back home, but also gave them the chance to talk and ask each other the questions they have never dared ask at the school gates. 

"It was nice to see fresh things, undisturbed things. The river was so soothing."
Hannah Moore Primary Mum, Llanthony Riding Trip (2011)
"We are a group at Hannah Moore Primary School, an English conversation group. We have a meeting every week, just speaking about the country, our lives, about our country. Its so exciting, I'm so happy. I think we all know each other a lot better after today...We've had a bit of a challenge and got to know each other and become firmer friends."
Hannah Moore Primary Mum, Llanthony Riding Trip (2011)
"It's nice because you learn how different backgrounds we've got. It's nice to all mix to together and have a nice day. I think it's because of the energy, we are happy to come here. Our kids are in school, and it's a very beautiful day so that energy is what brings a good experience."
Hannah Moore Primary Mum, Llanthony Riding Trip (2011)
"It's a dream come true. I love it. I would never miss it. If there's another one, I will be the first on the list."
Hannah Moore Primary Mum, Llanthony Riding Trip (2011)