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Welcome to our new Creative Arts & Progression Worker Sara Turrill!

Sara will be focused developing partnerships with arts and environmental organisations in Bristol, to develop opportunities for Imayla's children, young people and families to get involved in! If you are interested in working with us please contact

If you are interested in volunteering with us please contact Sara: 




The Boys Meet The Lizard (March 2011)

Different cultures share different experiences growing up in Bristol

This was a project to build pride in one’s own culture and respect for others’.  It included 24 young males, half of African and African-Caribbean heritage from London and half of Pakistani and British Pakistani heritage from Bristol.  They met in a natural, neutral environment on the Lizard in Cornwall.  The aim was to get them to mix together, discover new horizons and experience the impact of wide-open spaces on their mental and emotional health & well-being.  Through story telling and debates they explored cultural identity, the similarities and differences, and discussed the challenges of the transition from boyhood to manhood.  They learnt to cook, preparing homemade wholesome meals and practiced Kazimba Ngoma (an African martial art) every day.

It makes you feel peaceful and more alive.
Young Person, The Boys Meet The Lizard (Mar 2011)
The countryside is different to the city because in the city there’s all these big buildings and it’s not all animals everywhere but in the countryside it’s got more fresh air and everything’s peaceful here.
Young Person, The Boys Meet The Lizard (Mar 2011)
My confidence is better because I feel more relaxed.
Young Person, The Boys Meet The Lizard (Mar 2011)